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New Recipe- Fresh Fruit Cobbler

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I decided to make a dessert with fresh fruit yesterday for dinner.  We are pretty burnt out on Christmas cookies and wanted something fresh and tart.

I had apples, pears, blueberries, and fresh cranberries on hand.  This is a very good and simple recipe to put together and you can easily vary it with whatever fruit you have at home.


It’s not holiday baking without these cookies!

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Any respectable holiday cookie tray will include these delicious treats! 


These are one of Bob’s favorite and I make them every year.  I haven’t found anything better than the original recipe from Hershey’s:

Holiday Snowball Cookies

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Holiday baking is in full swing at my house!  I made these cookies this weekend to include on my Christmas cookie trays at my annual Christmas Eve party.  They are Erica’s favorite!

Here is where to find the recipe:

Slight problem with this recipe though- Nestle no longer makes holiday shaped morsels.  They have been making different holiday morsels just about every year.  For a few years, it was green trees and red stockings.  Then they switched over to red-and-white and green-and-white swirled morsels.  This year, I found mini red and green morsels in a canister in the holiday baking aisle of my local Target.  These worked perfectly.

Can I get that Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe?

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These are THE BEST chocolate chip cookies you will ever eat!  I’m not kidding!

My grandma would make these cookies when I was a little girl.  My cousins and I would request them often and she had them ready for every occasion and family get-together.  My cousin, Bobbi, and I would often grab a stash and hide them so we could eat them all (Gram quickly caught on and we didn’t try that trick again!)  Anyway, Gram provided me the recipe last year so I could make the cookies for my work Christmas cookie exchange.  Imagine my surprise when I came across the very same secret-family recipe on!

This is where you can find the recipe to start your own family tradition:

Gram told me a thousand times, the secret to these cookies is not to over-bake them!!  6-8 minutes is all you need.  This makes a very large batch of cookies, so half the recipe if you want about 4 dozen cookies.  Enjoy!

New Recipe- Cranberry Nut Bars

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I tried this recipe over the weekend, to use up some cranberries I had leftover from Thanksgiving.  I used the ingredient search on  If you haven’t tried this search, I highly recommend it!  These bars are so moist and delicious, with just the right combination of tart and sweet.  These bars hold up well, not too crumbly, so they would make a very festive addition to your holiday cookie trays (maybe with a white chocolate drizzle on top to dress them up a bit!).  Bob suggested that next time I make them, I use cherries or even blueberries instead of the cranberries.

Here’s where to find the recipe: